Downey Street Events

Downey Street Events is a full service event planning and design company located in San Francisco. Founded in 2008 by two corporate lawyers, Downey Street Events specializes in bringing an unparalleled professionalism to the event planning process while providing gorgeous custom design work. Widely recognized as one
of the best event planning and design companies in the Bay Area, Downey Street Events has been featured in many of the leading wedding publications. Most recently, the nationally distributed Brides magazine named Downey Street Events as one of only four San Francisco planners to visit when planning a Bay Area wedding.

Downey Street Events

Lauren Geissler is a co-owner and Lead Planner and Designer of Downey Street Events. She holds a BS degree in Public Policy and Management from USC and a JD from Stanford Law School. Lauren is a life-long artist, an avid planner, and a spirited entrepreneur.

Emily de Ayora is a co-owner and Lead Planner and Designer of Downey Street Events. She earned
BA degrees in Politics and American Studies from Pomona College and a JD from Stanford Law School, where she met her fabulous business partner, Lauren. She adores event planning, from the perfect dinner party at home to weddings all over the Bay Area.

Cassandra O’Gara is a Lead Planner and Designer at Downey Street Events. Her passion for food, wine, and events was ignited while studying Hospitality Management at the University of San Francisco, where she was exposed to San Francisco’s premier chefs, hotel proprietors, and restaurateurs.
She gained an eye for fashion and design while working at Vogue and Architectural Digest, but in 2009, she started planning events and has never looked back.

Between lead planners Lauren Geissler, Emily
de Ayora, and Cassandra O’Gara, Downey Street Events have planned, designed, and flawlessly
executed over 100 weddings and events all over
the Bay Area and beyond.